Within the global financial services market, the creation of offshore life insurance and annuity products has been one of the fastest growing sectors. However, insurance companies are extremely selective when appointing general agents to distribute their products. L&A has worked diligently to secure agreements with a core group of companies that have been chosen for their product quality, financial stability, support systems and response time. L&A continues to review the market to ensure the widest range of products is made available to our partners.


Insurance Products

Offshore life products can be highly customized to fit each client's unique needs. The majority of offshore life insurance sales are either Universal Life or Private Placement Variable Universal Life (although some Term Life products are available).


Universal Life

  • Group Contract with Certificates or an Individual Policy
  • Must be owned by a Trust, a Company or a Partnership
  • U.S. Dollar, U.K. Pound, Euros or Canadian Dollar Policies
  • No Tax Implications for life insured if the Policy is Properly Structured
  • Minimum Annual Premium of $10,000 or 1% of Face Amount (whichever is higher)
  • Minimum Death Benefit of $1,000,000
  • A Lifetime Guaranteed Minimum Rate of Return (depending on the specific product)
  • Loans Can be Made Against the Cash Value of the Policy
  • Very Highly Rated Insurance Companies
  • Most Transactions Must be Completed Offshore


Private Placement Variable Universal Life

  • Limited to Individuals with a Net Worth of at least $5,000,000
  • Minimum Single or Aggregate Premium of $1,000,000
  • Investment Options Chosen From Those on the Issuing Company’s Platform or Clients Make Their Own Selection (investments must be approved by the issuing company)
  • Segregated Accounts (protection of client’s account values)
  • Varying Claims Paying and Financial Stability Ratings
  • No Minimum Rate of Return Guarantee
  • Loans Can be Made From Account Value
  • Most Transactions Must be Completed Offshore


Annuity Products

Annuity products in traditional markets have been for accumulation purposes or to provide income. Insurance companies have been the only companies that can issue annuities where income is guaranteed for life. However, these types of annuities are not generally available in the offshore market. What are available fall into two basic categories 1) Investment Annuities and 2) Private Placement Variable Annuities.


Investment Annuities

  • Not Available for Citizens or Residents of The United States or Canada
  • Death Benefit Guarantees Backed by the Claims Paying Ability of the Insurance Company
  • Ability To Name Beneficiaries and Avoid Probate
  • Fixed Accounts With Guarantee of Principal And Interest
  • Diversification Through a Variety of Variable Investment Options
  • US Dollar Accounts
  • Transactions Can be Completed in the Client's Own Country
  • Automatic Dollar Cost Averaging Option
  • Accounts Managed by Internationally Recognized Investment Managers
  • Minimum $50,000 Investment (Amounts Over $2,000,000 Requires Approval by the Issuing Insurance Company)


Private Placement Variable Annuities

  • Limited to Individuals who have a net worth in excess of $5,000,000
  • Minimum Single or Aggregate Premium of $1,000,000
  • Primarily For Use by U.S. Tax Payers
  • Alternative Investment Strategies are Preferred Investments
  • Tax Deferral Usually Until Age 85 and Until Funds Withdrawn if a U.S. Tax Payer
  • Offshore Insurance Companies Which Issue These Annuities Do Not Have to Meet State Insurance Rules
  • Investments are Made Into Segregated Accounts and Do Not Form Part of the Insurance Company’s Assets
  • Transactions Must Be Completed Offshore


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