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Life & Annuity Services Ltd. (“L&A”) was established in 1998 to distribute offshore life insurance and annuity products through our network of Financial Intermediaries (“Intermediaries”). These products are primarily designed for High Net Worth (“HNW”) clients living around the world. Headquartered in Bermuda, L&A represents a number of highly recognized insurance and annuity companies as well as niche firms that offer specialized products.


L&A and many of these companies are domiciled in Bermuda which is a jurisdiction that the world’s HNW clients have historically looked to for superior insurance and annuity products. As such, L&A feels that such direct access is a unique and distinct advantage when assisting our Intermediaries by providing offshore solutions to their clients.


L&A has over 110 years of combined field underwriting experience that will assist Intermediaries in placing larger, more complex or problematic cases. Due to the geographic locations of many of our Intermediaries, L&A has expanded office hours that allow us to provide responses on an extremely efficient basis.


Offshore insurance and annuity products may offer a client numerous advantages in comparison to products available in their own country of residence. These advantages include:

  • Extreme Confidentiality
  • Products Issued from a Tax Neutral Domicile
  • Product Flexibility
  • Issued in a Stable Currency
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Larger Capacities and Risk Classes


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